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OCR Tools, a division of File Innovations, presents a state-of-the-art...

OCR Tools, a division of File Innovations, presents a state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition component developed entirely within the Microsoft.

Net platform. Incorporating Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and trained with over 4 million font variations; our OCR Components incorporate the latest optical character recognition technology to solve all of your OCR problems.

All source code has been written in Microsoft VB. Net and C#. Net and compiled as Safe and Managed Code in the Microsoft. Net Framework. We offer a low cost OCR solution for your.

Net applications that is royalty free with no runtime fee's. And our OCR. Net Components are easy to use. With a minimum of three-lines-of-code, you can integrate robust OCR functionality into your.

Net applications. The OCR. Net Component is a robust. Net Component that can be integrated into your application to generate ASCII text from a bitmap, image, or a file such as a TIF, GIF, BMP, or JPG file.

Our OCR component will interpret combinations of ASCII Upper Case, Lower Case, Numeric, and Special Characters in both the VS. Net 2003 and VS.

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OCR.Net Components


OCR.Net Components 5

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